Discovering Pinterest

My daughters got me interested in Pinterest and trying to show me what it is and how to use.  I am taking my time to learn how it is used and how to navigate around the site before deciding to get an account.   Below are a few items I discovered while exploring Pinterest .  Some of these I may go into a little more detail later on as I do some more research on the subject(s).

  1. How to Test Soil PH Levels:
  2. Various Trellis Designs:
  3. Step by step instructions on how to make a twig arbor:
  4. 80 Items You didn’t know you could compost:
  5. How to build a raised bed using pallets:
  6. Seed starting in an egg carton:
  7. 5 Fragrant Plants for a Small Spaces:
  8. Ten Mistakes New Herb Gardeners Make:
  9. 50 Garden Tip Ideas:
  10. Ten Weeds that Heal:
  11. Designs & how to make plant or garden markers:

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